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Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control 
State and Local Public Health Actions to Prevent
Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease 

 The program works with community partners to implement environmental strategies promoting health, reinforcing healthful behaviors and building support for health lifestyles, particularly for those at high risk. The purpose is to sustain diabetes and heart disease and stroke prevention efforts within the community. Staff promotes community development of increased access to healthier foods and physical activity. Additionally, efforts are focused on health system interventions to improve the quality of health care delivery to populations with the highest hypertension and prediabetes disparities, as well as increasing community clinical linkage strategies to support heart disease, stroke and diabetes prevention efforts.


Contact: Miranda LeCompte at 41-901-8129.  



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3 Cedar Street | Cambridge, MD 21613 | 410-228-3223; Fax 410 228-9319 | Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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