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Dorchester County Environmental Health actively partners with Dorchester County Animal Control to monitor and control the spread of rabies in the county through a combination of vaccination clinics, animal bite reporting, proper quarantining procedures, and the testing of potentially rabid animals. 

**Reporting Animal Bites in Dorchester County**




  • Rabies Fact Sheet
  • Steps to Prevent Rabies
    • Only approach domestic animals that are known to you.
    • Avoid all contact with wild animals.
    • Make sure that your dogs and cats have a current rabies vaccination and County license.
    • Keep dogs under control or on a leash. Keep cats safely indoors.
    • Do not treat raccoons or other wild animals as if they were pets. Do not leave food out for raccoons, including leftover dog food, table scraps and large bird seeds.
    • Close off all entrances to chimneys, attics, garages or sheds which can provide a nesting site for raccoons. Install heavy 26-guage wire screen on chimney openings and flues.
    • Use metal garbage cans that have secure lids. Plastic cans should have snap covers, but are not as secure. Ammonia can be sprayed or poured into plastic garbage bags to discourage raccoons from feeding.
    • Most human exposures to rabies occur when people attempt to rescue sick or hurt wild animals that, upon testing, are found to be rabid.
    • Another frequent type of indirect exposure occurs when people handle their pets without gloves after the pet has had an encounter with a wild animal. Rabies virus in saliva on the pet's fur can be transmitted through a break in the person's skin for up to 2 hours after the saliva has been deposited on the fur.





3 Cedar Street | Cambridge, MD 21613 | 410-228-3223; Fax 410 228-9319 | Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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